Flashback! -- Jef C, Charles Hedgepath and Bill Cox at Smiley's in 2009

Here's me and Charles with Bill Cox playing an ELO cover at Smiley's in 2009. Those were good days my friends. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Good friends and good times for sure! I miss Bill! He was unique and talented.


Jef Chandler Band at Downtown Alive on August 24, 2017
Here's a video collage of Jef Chandler Band performance at Downtown Alive in Greenville, SC on August 24, 2017 -- Mike Bagwell on lap steel guitar, Chris Garrett on bass, Charles Hedgepath on guitar and vocals, Kevin Heuer on drums, and JC on guitar and vocals. Thanks to Scott Bachmann for filming and putting this together!

Jef Chandler Band at Downtown Alive on August 24th

You might know this cast of characters by another name, but coming up on Thursday, August 24, 2017, they are performing at Downtown Alive in Greenville under the moniker of Jef Chandler Band. Hope to have some special guests sitting in as well. Keep tuned. Come out and join us! Music goes from 5:45 till 8pm. It's ear candy, and there's beer and all of downtown Greenville's fine restaurants too! All good! See you there!

Happy New Year!