Drawing inspiration from artists like Paul Simon, Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, and The Beatles, Jef Chandler is an eclectic singer/songwriter from Greenville, SC, whom Mike Miller of The State in Columbia, SC describes as a writer who records exquisite stories told with a clarity of insight and a wry sense of humor. He has been writing songs, playing in bands and performing live since he first picked up the guitar at the age of 12. In that time he has released 3 solo albums, 2 albums with the acoustic band Big Brown Bowl, and 3 with The Bad Popes. His songs have received radio airplay on independent radio programs around the world, with the song Empire of Idle Thoughts making the European Indie Country charts in March of 2004. When his first solo effort, Talking Out the Fire, came out in 1999, Mike Miller of The State Paper in Columbia, SC called the record one of the underground best by a South Carolina artist for the year. Since the mid-90s Jef has toured the southeast with a changing roster of talented musicians from the upstate, as well as gigging with the Bad Popes, whose second CD, Town and Country, released in 2012, was voted by fans as one of the 100 best recordings of the year on the popular Americana radio station WNCW based out of Spindale, NC. Currently, Jef is playing club gigs and festivals in the southeast by himself and with The Bad Popes, who released their third CD Rounders in June 2015.