Album Cover
Talking Out The Fire
Jef Chandler
Released: Nov 13, 1999
Track Listing
1 Freedom
2 Answer Me
3 Ellie
4 Moonwriting
5 Caught Up
6 Still Trying
7 Hurricane Candles
8 Hello
9 Car
10 You Drove Away

Liner Notes

The Title

     Legend has it that when my mother was a child, my grandmother accidentally spilled a pot of boiling water on her. My grandparents took my mother to the hospital, and though the medical staff did what they could for her, she was still in pain. So my grandparents sought the help of a neighbor who practiced a form of faith healing called Talking out the Fire. Apparently, the healer simply had to know the sufferer's name, which he would then repeat over and over in a prayer. The story goes that only a few hours after the healer was consulted, my mother's pain subsided.

     The collection of songs Talking Out The Fire is similiar to the mantra of the faith healer. For the most part the burns are the results of love, and the mantra is music.

The Players

     Though it consists of songs written and sung primarily by me, the CD is a collaborative effort. Produced by Matt Morgan (of Sit-n-Spin Studios in Greenville, SC) and engineered by Dave Alewine at the Jam Room in Columbia, SC, TOTF, recorded in 1998 and 1999, features the guitar work of Larry Hoskinson, Kevin Latham, and Matt Morgan; Jeff Hook plays drums; Jeff Holland plays percussion; two keyboard players are featured on the album -- Sam Noland and Simeon Kuic, who also plays saxophone on two tracks. Background vocals by Molly Warren, Brandon Leard, and Ken Ledbetter.



Greenville's Chandler blends alt-country styles
The State Newspaper
The ingredients of Jef Chandler's music might go into the blender like tried-and-true country rock conventions -- assorted guitars, lap steel and mandolin floavors and sweet harmonies. But what comes out is far from conventional. With his eclectic blend of pop, rock, folk and mountian music, Chandler has tapped into a new vein in the alt-country mine shaft, one that veers away from predictable, three-chord compositions and explores fresh ways to make melodies memorable. . . . Chandler is first and foremost a songwriter, and the 10 tunes on "Talking Out the Fire" (1F Records) are exquisite stories told with a clarity of insight and a wry sense of humor. [Read More...]