Album Cover
Jef Chandler Band
Released: Jan 1, 2009
Track Listing
1 Zero
2 Account
3 Over Here
4 Wrong Turn
5 Cottonmouth
6 You Won't Say
7 Ready
8 In Your Own Way
9 No Problem
10 Lucky
11 Let My Troubles Fly
12 Interlude
13 Goodbye
14 Falling On The Roof
15 Bottles
16 It's Easy
17 Home No More
18 The Spirit's Dried Like Blood
19 What's Left

Liner Notes

The songs on Jef Chandler’s CD, Account, were written between the years 1999 and 2007. The CD features 18 of the artists who, at one point in time during these years, performed with and recorded with the Jef Chandler Band. So the album is first and foremost a studio account of the songs Chandler performed with this group of fellow travelers over an entire decade.

There are many memorable performances on Account. The CD features vocal performances by artists Danielle Howle and Doug Jones, and a plethora of great guitar riffs and leads, courtesy of Mike Bagwell, Charles Hedgepath, Matt Morgan and John Atkins. Rob Goss and Andrea Christopher-Snipes chip in with lead vocal performances. The rhythm section on the CD is courtesy of Mark Dye or Chris Garrett on bass, and Kevin Heuer on drums. Matt Jennings (keyboards), Derek Bridges (vocals), Jessie Brickhouse (vocals), Kris Hyatt (drums on Lucky), Dave Sims (vocals), and Jeff Holland (percussion) round out the cast.

The material on the album ranges from hard-rocking numbers reminiscent of the Black Crowes, such as Let My Troubles Fly, to more nuanced Country-leaning tunes such as In Your Own Way, to the reggae-tinged No Problem, to the experimental sounds of Home No More.

Lyrically, there are songs on this album that tell stories. The Spirit’s Dried Like Blood is an account of a gold miner who never hit pay dirt; the first song on the CD, Zero, is about a group of urbanites who have fallen on hard times, and decide to take to the country, a la Woodstock culture, to grow some plants and make a living off the land, so to speak. But there are also many songs here that suggest a mood or an emotion, such as Home No More, or Cottonmouth, which is a wry description of a guy who’s decided to get away from a lover who was, let’s say, a little crazy.

Tales of being broke, looking for dough, trying to score in one way or another, love gone wrong, and even a few songs of hope, such as No Problem and Lucky, are all included on the 2009 release. The work of many great musicians has been distilled here into a one-hour collection of great songs and many memorable musical moments.