Vernal Equinox Birthday Jam on March 20 at Gottrocks!

 Jef Chandler Band in 2001 (picture by Brandon Leard)

March 20 is the vernal equinox, the first day of spring, and only two days removed from my birthday. To celebrate I've invited friends that I have played in bands with over the past 21 years to come out to Gottrocks in Greenville, and we're gonna have a big old jam. Bands featured this evening will be Big Brown Bowl, Dog Whistle, The Bad Popes, Smash The Radio, The Lackies, and the Jef Chandler Band. Performers include Scott Allen, Mark Dye, Charles Hedgepath, Jeff Holland, Chris Garrett, Derek Bridges, Matthew Smith, David Sims, Kevin Heuer, Mike Bagwell, Joe Cash, Matt Morgan, Brandon Leard, John Martin, Stan Halbkat, Lee Holroyd and more. I've really been blessed to play with these and many other very talented musicians and good friends over the years and I look forward jamming with them on March 20. Admission is $7 at the door and the show begins at 8:30pm.