Live Current: Two Shows at Gottrocks
This passion for their art is what makes Jef Chandler, both his bands, and his friends and fellow musicians such valuable parts of the Upstate music scene. See for yourself when The Electrolytes take the Gottrocks stage next Wednesday and then The Bad Popes and Carousers follow up Nov. 11. [Read More...]
Jef Chandler Sings Snapshots of Southern Life
Singer/guitarist Jef Chandler writes addictively melodic songs that work their way into the listener's subconscious before he even realizes it.

Chandler's lyrics are often snapshot-style views of the Southern way of life, delivered in an unassuming, here-goes-nothing vocal style that makes his songwriting skill all the more endearing. Chandler plays constantly around the Upstate, both on his own and with The Bad Popes, a local supergroup of sorts that also includes guitarist Charles Hedgepath and pedal-steel player Mike Bagwell. [Read More...]
Jef Chandler Finds Swing in his Step
A graduate of Furman University, Chandler has grown into one of the area's most respected singer-songwriters with an expansive catalog of heartfelt tunes that draw from a wide range of folk, country, bluegrass and rock 'n' roll influences.

Chandler released his debut album, ‚ÄúTalking Out the Fire,‚ÄĚ in 1999 and has since released two more solo albums while also collaborating with some of the area's finest musicians.

Chandler is now a member of the Bad Popes, a Greenville-based quintet rounded out by Mike Bagwell on pedal steel, Joe Cash on drums, Chris Garrett on bass and Charles Hedgepath on guitar.
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Greenville's Chandler blends alt-country styles
The ingredients of Jef Chandler's music might go into the blender like tried-and-true country rock conventions -- assorted guitars, lap steel and mandolin floavors and sweet harmonies. But what comes out is far from conventional.

With his eclectic blend of pop, rock, folk and mountian music, Chandler has tapped into a new vein in the alt-country mine shaft, one that veers away from predictable, three-chord compositions and explores fresh ways to make melodies memorable. . . .

Chandler is first and foremost a songwriter, and the 10 tunes on "Talking Out the Fire" (1F Records) are exquisite stories told with a clarity of insight and a wry sense of humor. [Read More...]