Over Here

You must be accustomed to that frown
Who gave you the order to be so down
It is not unlike you to be mean
Depressed and erratic and extreme
How your body wants to breathe
If there’s a taste of you that’s sweet
I’m gonna find out eventually

You got Hwy 13 in your eyes
You’ve been stealing fire just to drive
Who is going to wait there in the night
Who is going to wait out all your vice
How your mind makes history
What you see through your window pane
I get lost here, but I’m still alive

Sometimes I think it’s gonna rain forever
And I fear there’s nothing more I can say

You are not the woman I first saw
You are not a riddle for me to solve
What goes around there in your heart
Is where I find that I must start
Do your best to discourage me
Do your best, then double then
I come back again, and so you see