The Spirit's Dried Like Blood

After scent of wine in the bottle
On my hands the caked up mud
Round the bottom a thin, red circle
The spirit has dried like blood

A third of your life you are sleeping
A third you're still waking up
Before your long days have ended
Your dreams all mix with dust

Miles and miles from Virginia
There lies my heart and my home
I'm lost here in the canyon
A miner with no shoes nor gold

What can I tell you passing stranger
What the river and the earth do give
I gave ten years to a mad dream
It has abandoned me here

I don't blame any demons
Gods or the fates out there
So go and tell preacher Gilbert
It was my sin that brought me here

Now I lay down for the last time
To dream my final dream
I pray to God there is no gold there
I pray for my spirit's release
I pray for my soul's release