No Problem by The Bad Popes
Oct 29, 2014
The Bad Popes performing the Jef Chandler original No Problem live at the Bohemian Cafe on 9-16-11. The Bad Popes are- Jef Chandler, Charles Hedgepath, Mike Bagwell, Chris Garrett, and Joe Cash.
Thieves by Big Brown Bowl live at Smiley's
Oct 29, 2014
Big Brown Bowl playing the Jef Chandler song Thieves. Recorded on March 18, 2011 at Smiley's Acoustic Café in Greenville. Big Brown Bowl is Matt Morgan, Jeff Holland, Brandon Leard, Derek Bridges, and Jef Chandler. Chris Garrett is sitting in on the bass in this video.
If You Could Only by The Bad Popes
Oct 29, 2014
Another version of If You Could Only, this time featuring The Bad Popes, circa 2009. Recorded at Artisphere in downtown Greenville on May 10, 2009. That's Kevin Heuer on drums.